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Thread: APE support!

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    Default APE support!

    It would be wonderful if DT would mount an APE file. APE is the file extension for Monkey's Audio which is one of the best lossless audio compression schemes around. Monkey's Audio can be found here... Normally APE files are one big 200-300mb file. So it would be great if you could load it up in Daemon Tools and have it display just like a regular audio cd.

    - km

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    There are no practical reasons for doing so; instead of playing the disc as CD Audio, create a cue file for it and play it with WinAmp 2.x + mp3cue.

    mp3cue is a plug-in that will show an additional playlist with the contents of a cue file, so you'll be able so select tracks from within the file, ...

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    I'm aware of the .cue file and plugin and use them extensively. There is a practical reason for me requesting this. If Daemon Tools was able to mount a .ape file, then you could rip the audio to other formats, mp3/mpc/ogg etc. without first having to decompress the .ape to a .wav file. So it would be great to simply be able to use the .ape file with DT. Plus there are other programs that use audio besides Winamp.

    - km

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    hmm doesn't seem like anyone wants this feature apart from myself. it would have very easy to implement and would have added to the legend of DT. oh well, I'll keep hoping this does happen.

    - km

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    The problem is that we wonґt implement image formats without permission, moreover the whole mp3-stuff is not free, we would have to pay license fee for the mp3-usage - so donґt count on it :?
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    APE is free to implement without any licensing hassles. Have a read of APE doesn't have anything to do with MP3 as it's its own format and doesn't rely on anything else. Personally I would think it would be a great addition to DT.

    - km

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    May be the developer will have a closer look if he has some time - atm thereґre more important things to do.
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    They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!

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    Default Me too!

    I would like to have this feature as well.

    I've also done a preliminary check and the MA SDK does allow for
    random seek inside an APE file, and that should be equivalent to an
    uncompressed PCM 16 bit 44.1KHz WAV file....

    I'd be really happy to see this feature as well....

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    I'll take a look at it, thanks.

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    wow! thank you!
    Thaks for considering this...

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