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Thread: some kind of compressed images support

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    In post #47 of this thread I said it will be available for DAEMON Tools version 4.0. No release dates though.
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    Another example for a good use of CD compression are Audio CDs. Like putting a CD as ONE piece on the HD, which makes mp3 impractical.

    .. or wanting to play Quake1 with CD music without CD in drive. The single image is about 650MB, even a simple compression could save much spac because pure data only takes 35MB. =)

    Can't wait to get news on this!

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    Default DAA Format

    Hey guys, on the net I found an app called PowerISO (hxxp:// It has its own compressed image format which you can mount in PowerIso. So there is already a imageformat and only the plugin for it is missing.

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    Any progress on this? Is anyone actually working on it?

    (yea yea 'do it yourself'.. but Im sadly not a programmer )

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    Default The DAA format solves most issues on this thread


    I have a 7.9 GB archive of html document files on my hard disk. This archive contains over 75,000 files, and of course will not fit on a singly-layer DVD with conventional ISO / NRG etc image formats. Then I found the PowerISO DAA format, and discovered it was a full DVD imaging format (including support for bootable discs etc) but with compression. With compression, my 7.9 GB archive of 75,000 files compressed to a single image file of exactly 4.36 GB and fits on a DVD. I can mount this with the PowerISO virtual mount tool and go through these html documents with ease (note, with RAR or ZIP I would have to decompress the whole thing first, with the DAA I have a mountable drive which means all internal html links work perfectly without having to decompress to temporary locations). The only thing is having to install the PowerISO image software, as I would like to be able to mount this via DaemonTools.

    Every issue on this pinned thread would be solved I think by supporting the PowerISO DAA format, it's a good format and works well, and I hope that you can give serious consideration for including support for this in the next DaemonTools release ?



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    Did you see post #61 of this thread?
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    Yeah, the Power ISO thing is somewhat helpful, but the compression ratio pales in comparison to things like 7zip. My biggest interest is in playing PlayStation ISOs without having to decompress them first and nothing compresses a PlayStation ISO like 7zip.

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    UltraISO now supports a compressed ISO format that has the ISZ extention.

    Any one know much about this?

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    Pfeil ISZ (ISO Zipped format) is live

    Hello all, just wanted to report that a new image format is available. It can be useful for games/apps using dummy files or uncompressed data.
    Here's a description from EZB forum:
    One of the most advanced archive formats like RAR and ZIP, it is:
    - a secure ISO format, as AES256 encryption is supported, you can use a password with up to 32 characters length
    - a small size ISO format, you can compress an ISO image to smaller size. What is 'Heavy Compress' feature? you can give it a try.
    - spanned CD/DVD format. If your ISO image is a large file, you can split it to segmented ISZ files(I01, I02, ...). So you can burn a DVD ISO to multiple CD-R discs, as well as burn a 200GB large file to a couple of DVD-R/+R discs. In addition, it is possible to store DVD images on FAT16/FAT32 volume under Windows 98 systems now.

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    Default Re: ISZ (ISO Zipped format) is live

    fyi: Image spanning has been available for years in Alcohol 120%
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