I know DT is there to emulate cd-images, but one thing I hate is that I have to have them uncompressed, since no supported format supports compression.

At the moment I have like 34-cd images of a clipart-collection on my hdd, pretty good waste of space, because every image can be compressed from 650mb to <100mb with gzip!

I can't use ntfs-file compression because its a software raid.

Ok, here is my idea

If I'm right every cd-image consists of many blocks (2048, 2352 or what ever bytes in size);

since i don't wanna loose the amazing speed of DT I would compress every sector by its own, gzip and bz2 are pretty good in compressing small amounts of data. So all you would need is a second file for faster seeking in the compressed image, since the compression will change position of the sector in the image file. A converter from ISO to this gziso format should be easy to write...

If somebody is interessted in a comparison between rar/zip-packed, ntfs-compressed isos and this idea I could write a small program that estimates the compression (even if i dont know everything about iso, but enough for the quick-shoots).

And one more point... gzip and bz2 are fast and free. Only disadvantage, we would have to specify our own format, and I don't know if that is in the scope of the DT developers.

Maybe, in a near future (tomorrow) DT will have an open plug-in system that allows us to write our own cd reader

thanks for reading, ever comment is welcome.