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Thread: Secure Mode configuration for command line

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    Default Secure Mode configuration for command line

    How may I deactivate the "ecure Mode configuration for command line" message, when I mount an image via the commandline?

    What are the functions: Automount, InUse Check, Autostart for?

    Couldn't find them in the helpfile.


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    Install DT 4.03, right click on the taskbar icon-> options -> secure mode.
    The InUse Check is a message which will be displayed if you want to mount a new image to a drive where you have mounted an image before.
    It checks if a program use the drive. When you disable it no warning will be disaplayed.
    Automount is that DT remounts mounted imagas at the startup.
    Autostart is the autostart of DT, if you disable it DT wouldn't automatically start when you start up your pc.
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