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Thread: SimCity 4 CD Backup

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    Hi i just wanted to know if any one has got simcity 4 to work as a CD Backup. I tryed but when i go to play the CD nothing happens. I burned it with CloneCD and at 4X But i dont know how the Daemon tools thing works. do i start up Daemon V3.33 and turn on safedisk and then burn a CD to CD copy with CloneCD or something else PLEASE let me know


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    It's safedisc 2.8 protected and can be copied successfully with any 2 sheep burner. However, clonecd isn't reliable for copying sd 2.8 protected games.

    Assuming that you do have a 2 sheep writer, any of alcohol, ******** or the discdump/fireburner combination will produce a working back-up copy.

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    As usual for all safedisc backup use the fastdump method :

    Select safedisc emulation in daemon
    Launch the original CD and exit the game
    Launch your favorite dumping program
    - All the unreadable sectors should be read in a few seconds

    Burn with the good burning program (not clonecd for safedisc 2.8)

    If you don't have a good burner or if clonecd was used, select again safedisc emulation to play the cd .

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    Thanks for your reply ill do just that
    P.S. ill use alcohol for burning and what is dumping Later

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    Dumping is the process of creating an image of a cd. You can then burn this image or mount it to a virutal drive.

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    So, it's best to use Alcohol to "dump" this sort of games...? Sorry if the question sounds stupid, but I am a newbie here...
    Abel K.

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    What's best may be subjective as long as it works, however in my humble opinion (and I guess most other people's here on the board) Alcohol is the best way to go, yes.

    CloneCD still seems to have problems with SafeDisc >2.8 let alone the newer SecuROM versions.

    I cannot tell you much about Blindwrite as I've never used it - it surely has its fans as well. But I guess this forum mostly (not completely!) consists of Alcohol fans rather than Blindwrite...

    Just go ahead, download a trial from their homepage, and check it out...
    "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."

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    Yes, I did - and I intend to buy a copy per station
    Abel K.


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