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Thread: The Sims 2

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    Cool The Sims 2

    Hey, ive created an image of my sims 2 game using Alchol 120% , i cannot install the game because its says please insert CD 2, which i have made a image of aswell, i unmount the CD 1 image and mount the image for CD 2, which works BUT it wont let me continue the installation.

    I have created an image for other games, and installed straight from the image and it works fine, but not having any luck with this one as i have to change disks (images).

    Would be very greatfull with any help



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    Kinda sounds like the image is broken. If you unmount the first and mount the second image, that's the same as ejecting your drive and changing the discs... Which is exactly what you're supposed to do. Does the second CD's image work at all, i.e. can you browse it in the explorer?
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    ive recently got as far as changing the first Image (CD 1) to the second, then later on it asks for CD3 and i try to replace CD 2's image with CD 3's image and will not let me.

    thanks for the reply m8


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