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Thread: Starwars Battlefront II Problems

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    Daumen runter Starwars Battlefront II Problems

    Hello im experiancng quite alot of problems with swbf2, it seems when i try to start the game it doesnt work ive tried burning the image with Alcohol 120% to create a good image as people say ive tried ALL the hacks to no prevail, ive been trying to make this game work for about 2 days now so ive came to this forum under the suspicion that it will help me make the game work.

    Anyways when i load my game with with D's tools it doesnt work & just constantly says the normal... 'put the orgininal disk in drive' , 'the emulation protection is not activatated so this programe will close now' etc... Saying all this i have got it to work for about 15 mins and then it just crashed and ever since i cant get it to load strangely

    Please please please can you guys help me, im a complete noobie at this kinda thing so your responses will be greatly appreciated thanks

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    How did you create the image (prior to burning it)? Which software, -settings, and hardware did you use?
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    So first you need an Image containing a good dpm. If you've read your image with Alcohol 120% and the dpm option was enabled with high precision then you've a good image.

    If you don't have a good image remake it with Alcohol 120%.
    Choose the Image Making Wizard and enable the data poition measurement option with high precision. Then click next until the reading starts. Now you've to choos the dpm reading speed, choose a slow one like 1x,2x,4x.

    For antiblacklisting of the virtual SCSI Drives you'll need SR7Stop 1.2, CureROM or the Securom Burner Loader (download section). See this thread for some help for these Tools and this thread for an explanation why you need to use these programs.
    Use DT 4.03 for mounting the image, if you havn't got this new realease uninstall your old version, download the new one and install it.


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