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Thread: I can't even install/try the &$#* demo!..

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    Default I can't even install/try the &$#* demo!..

    Seeing as how there is no REAL support link.. I guess I'll try the forum here after registering <sigh>.

    I JUST set up my fairly newly built PC with Windows XP home on a clean, formatted HD.. was using W98SE before. I've been using the latest DT lite version for a couple of weeks now and wanted to trial and perhaps purchase DT Pro Advance.. so I downloaded the trial file from "Disc soft"?

    I've tried many times to get a trial activation key.. but it always comes up with the activation error dialog (the one that counts down for some dumb reason) and doesn't finish. I assure you.. I have NEVER had DT Pro on this PC.. nor have I ever registered/requested a registration under the e-mail address! Heck.. I EVEN tried some other fake/real ones and I get nothing!

    I have tried disabling my firewall, bypassing my router entirely (NOT GOOD.. guys).. everything! What gives?

    Your DT Lite app runs beautifully.. but is this the kind of 'hoops" I'm going to have to jump through EVERY time I need to install/upgrade a commercial version? That doesn't bode well.

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    There are many activation error dialogs.

    You should tell us the error exactly or else we can't help you.
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