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Thread: What burning software do you recommend?

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    I prefer Blindwrite. I used to love CloneCD but Ollie has spent too much time with CloneDVD to make it a serious option these days. Alcohol is a good stable program and can do most. But Blindwrite can do all. I have copied lots of securom 4.x games and all have worked great. I have seen none of the bugs reported by other members and it seems to be updated more frequently even than Alcohol :shock:

    Give it a try. If it proves buggy for you then try another but start with this because it backs up all of the most common protections found today.
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    There are so many releases because all they do is fix bugs :shock:

    Alcohol 120 is now able to backup securom 4.8x without emulation. You have to use alcoholer's modified twincreator.

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    Default Extra software?

    I have yet to need any extra "helping" software to fully use an image created by Blindwrite, beyond whatever tool I happen to use to mount the image, which most often happens to be Daemon-Tools. If I did need that extra software, I would be at the point when getting out the original CD and just leaving it in the drive for a few weeks is more convenient than circumventing it in software. I am not trying to "stick it" to the makers of the anti-piracy protections as I, and I'm sure others, have more profitable things with which to spend time than vain attepts at shaking fists toward some silly, unseen enemy of the peoples. Workarounds and patches exist to cover shortcomings in the created disc image, or in the software playing the image back to the host system, or both. I always have my original game discs, and my optical drive in the computer I use for games is IDE based, so it really just comes down to convenience, the safety factor of not having to use an original disc, and minimizing wear on my optical drive.
    Blindwrite can be tried before purchasing. As others have said, try it! Don't feel you are required to take my or others' words. Heck, try them both, or even more products if you wish! I did. If I felt Alcohol was a better product, I would have purchased it instead, or possibly both.
    The one note I would make: Blindwrite will not allow you to work with a DVD- video disc, if it is marked as copy-protected, such as a Hollywood movie would be. This has nothing to do with it's ability to copy the disc, or make an image therefrom. The developer simply chose to avoid the legal issues of unprotecting these discs themselves. I don't blame them. Besides, there is third party software which is adept in this role, at which point Blindwrite will happily do whatever you wish with the disc, ie. make a backup image or disc for your own personal use.

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    well, this thread is a bit old (2003)

    Apart from that, keep in mind that we all have other priorities

    While you (same as me) prefer to run IMAGES, others may
    feel more comfortable to have even 1:1 copys of their discs.

    It is their decision. I prefer to run DT Pro, as it covers all my
    needs, but if you need a good burning solution I can recommend
    indeed Alcohol, as it is rockstable (for me) , very comfortable and
    covers all features around image-burning..

    Others may tend to like BW better, but that is another story..

    What is most important to MANY DT users is compatibility.
    And here nothing beats Alcohol, as we work hand in hand
    with them. So also in future, Alc will be compatible to
    DT Pro/DT and format is interchangeable between those three

    In the past we already saw incompatibilities between DT and
    BW, and although we do our best to keep it uptodate with
    their latest versions, if you want to be on the safe side:
    stick to mds/mdf-format, it is DT's and Alc's native format
    and therefore no bad surprises - especially when you use
    DT for more professional reasons, which I and maaany people
    do, additional to simple run games.

    DT Pro can also encrypt and compress images, not every
    format support such features (this is also important for

    So if you need good imager: DT Pro (what else? )
    If you need good image-burner: Alcohol...

    But of course I'm for sure a bit biased on this

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    Locutus, may i ask a question please ?

    As a customer user, i would prefer to have a Full featuring application that do all my needs.
    DT Pro is very nice, but its missing 2 very importants plugins :

    1) Protection scanner
    2) Burning plugin

    Your team has presented Astroburn, but its only a classic burner.
    It won't burn copy-protected games.

    My question is :
    Are your team is on the way about creating such missing plugins ?

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    Well, I will try to answer as good as it gets.

    1) yes, we're already working on it.

    2) yes, there is new plugin maybe even in next DT Pro which
    we release soon. It interconnects DT Pro with Astroburn

    What concerns about the copy-protection burn capabilities,
    I guess we have different opinions here. I see no demand for
    such feature. Simply because alot of such protections cant
    be copied anymore - especially to DVD. And because its also
    anyway useless. Why burn 1:1 when you can burn just image-
    file and mount from DVD? (Although this is imho also not really
    "ideal" as this means again loudness, annoyance from optical
    media, far lower speed etc etc)

    We might implement later RMPS-feature. If we develop even
    "real" 1:1 copy is questionable - atm. I see no good reason
    for it. For backup-purposes, Astroburn exactly fit your needs
    - even exceeds them, as it offers here also encryption and
    compression that you can hardly use in a 1:1 copy.
    And backup-purposes and more convenient usage is what we
    work on, thats what DT Pro stands for. Just use the image-
    files "as is" and burn the files directly to disk.

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    Burning games these days would be quite expensive too, as almost all new games are over 4 GB and need to be burned on expensive dual layer media.
    I prefer using a large harddisk to store all my images. If I would burn them all it would cost me a lot more than the price I paid for the harddisk. External HD's are becoming very popular lately, because they're actually a fast, cheap and reliable way to store large amounts of data. I've seen 500 GB external drives (USB2) in stores for as little as 100. You can store a lot of game images on 500 GB

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    External HD its nice but its not safe. If tomorrow your disc fail, have mechanical problem and can't do nothing to recover it, imagine the numbers of Releases, games etc... u would lost ?
    I'm buying games and very often because i or my family use them too much often, Original disc fall down and its sometimes hard to get the Guarantee from the Author. So, we have to buy a new copy which i find it Unfair.
    For this reason i wanna have a full backup copy of theses games to use them to preserve the Original Disc in case my duplicatas would failed. Of course i also appreciate mounting the file from an External HD, but look, in 2 years ago my 500 Gb hard drive had a default which didn't shown instantly but a few months laters, i lost all copies and couldn't do anything to recover Datas...
    So having an External HD can just help but its not safe.
    So yes, i'm burning to DVD and presentely i burn the image file as u said on a disc, but actually Deamon Tools is blacklisted from Securom etc... so even if i try to mount the image it doesn't work, not anymore excepted for my older games like Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, which are working great, i put all images i made on a Single DVD which is Great, it working awesome on my Players from every of my computers. So this is good for Lan Games. Every computers doens't have External HD, only mine does but not the house its too much expensive, so you see, having copy on disc is very important for me at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PegHorse View Post
    ...but actually Deamon Tools is blacklisted from Securom etc... so even if i try to mount the image it doesn't work...
    Yesterday new version of DT lite was released. There should be no blacklisting issues anymore with Securom.
    Of course you still have to use YASU to cloak drive(s).
    But in times of Blacklisting RMPS is a nice alternative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terramex View Post
    Yesterday new version of DT lite was released. There should be no blacklisting issues anymore with Securom.
    Of course you still have to use YASU to cloak drive(s).
    But in times of Blacklisting RMPS is a nice alternative.
    Really ? Thanks for the info i'll give it a try.
    But i'm Pro Customer, so if the lite has been released first, the Pro should come soon.

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