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Thread: What burning software do you recommend?

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    Default What burning software do you recommend?

    Hello everyone,

    I am interested in your opinion on which burning software to purchase, I am looking at either CloneCD, Blindwrite, or Alcohol 120%. All have comparable features in general, and was wondering what experiences people have had with the software.

    Thanks for your time,


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    I'd recommend Alcohol 120%. It's being updated quite frequently to fit the latest copy protections.

    CloneCD's lost its glory since SecuROM v4.8x and SafeDisc v2.8 as it has problems burning the latter and cannot burn the former at all.

    Blindwrite - I don't know, I haven't used it yet so I cannot really tell you about it.

    Let's see what the others have to say...
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    I use alcohol 120%.

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    I use the BlindWrite Suite myself and am satisfied with it thus far. Just be sure your drive reads subcodes, or it won't extract a useable image from protected discs.

    BlindWrite has it's share of bugs, but once you are familiar and comfortable with it, and it's running stably on your system, it's very easy to use, even telling you if the image will work before you burn a coaster with it.

    I really don't use BlindWrite for making copies of CD's but rather it goes hand in hand with Daemon-Tools. Having most of the images from my CD's that I use most often, I don't need backup CD's and I save wear and tear on my CD-ROM drives.


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    I am using " Nero - Burning Rom " which will be updated frequently and which is applicable to many CD-RWs .

    I like it !

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    If I'm not mistaken, gust0208 talked about CD Duplication programs, not CD mastering programs. ahead Nero is one of the latter, being unable to copy most recent copy protections.
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    Oh , perhaps I mistook gust0208's meaning . :mrgreen:

    Ahead Nero also has " copy CD " function , but I haven't used .

    Sergei.Gradski :

    Would you mind briefly telling us why is Ahead Nero unable to copy most recent copy protections , and what are recent copy protections ?

    Or would you mind giving us a URL to get these information ?

    Thanks :P

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    Have a look at this article over at Alcohol's Support Forum, it explains how the different copy protections work.

    Nero is simply not able to copy some of the advanced copy protections' security mechanisms such as physical media signature etc.
    "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."

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    It is so kind of you , thanks for your help ~~~~~~~

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    I'd recommend that you use alcohol as opposed to clonecd or blindwrite. Currently there is nothing that clonecd can do that alcohol can't do equally well and because clonecd hasn't been updated for months alcohol can do a great deal that clonecd can't.

    As for blindwrite, my experiences show it to be a horribly buggy and unreliable application (if it works for you, fine, but it rarely does for me). It has only one advantage over alcohol (if you can get it to work properly at all that is);

    that being that it enables copies of securom 4.8x protected cds that work (on most but not all devices) without emulation to be made without the assistance of any external program.

    Neither alcohol nor clonecd can do so but each of them is a stable and reliable program and each of them can do so with the assistance of a tool called twinpeak.

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