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Thread: Problem with 4.0.3 installer

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    Default Problem with 4.0.3 installer

    when i tried installing the x86 version on XP i get an error message stating that "this is not a proper windows32 application"..... Any help?

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    Did you try to re-download the installer package?
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    i had the same problem, my problem was Anti Blaxx. To be honest i dont have a clue what that program is for. anyway i removed by going to control panel Add/remove, then i restarted and i could install daemon tools.

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    Anti-Blaxx is one of the first antiblacklisting tools for Alcohol and DT 3.47, but i recommend to use SR7Stop/Securom 7 Burner Loader, SD4Hide or CureROM for antiblacklisting.
    Anti-Blaxx can easy damage your DT installation.


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