sorry for creating another thread but from reading other threads im just confused all i really need is a straight forward answer and not aload of personal assumptions as im getting confused with some people telling me to deactivate my drives and some telling me to use SR7 etc...

Anyways ive installed starwars battlefront 2 with no problems, ive created an image with Alcohol 120% with Dpm activated with high precison then created the image on x4 so it wouldnt make a rubbish image also on turned 'ignore errors' so i would get the best image i possibly could.

So this is where my problem starts ive used every programe from dameon tools (the latest version might i add)to host my image then SR7 + SD4 and that doesnt work so i used other programes like Anti-Blaxx 1.18 and that doesnt work ive even tried curerom 1.1 and it still doesnt work....

Ive been instructed to use Secrum burner but that doesnt even work but the programe doesnt have a help file so im left with my own assumption of locating the exe. file if im right but that is unable to find strings so im really confused ive created a good even a brillaint image but the god damn protection keeps asking me to switch drives, emutlation error etc... the same old stuff, so im asking anyone whos had this problem or anyone with the idea of fixing + helping me i would be very greatful for a reply

many thanks!

.:. Dom .:.