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Thread: Help with playing game (i got it from a friend)!!

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    Default Help with playing game (i got it from a friend)!!

    I have a game, it is in two folders, one named "CD1" and another one called "CD2". In each of this folders are two files, one "mds" and one "mdf". I had no idea what to do, so i did the following,

    1. Extracted the mdf files with "isobuster" into a game folder.
    2. Installed the game with the extracted files.
    3. Tried to play the game.

    When I tried to play the game the text, "Insert the correct CD" appeared. My question is simple. How can I play the game?
    I would appreciate if those answering will explain in a "simple" way since I'm very inexperienced with these things!

    Thanks for any help!

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    1. What game??
    2. Why did you post it in the Starport/Wind Forum?
    3. Where did you got the game, read the rules!

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    1. Rainbow six Raven shield.
    2. I tried to post in "burning" forum, but the thread did not come up when I posted it.
    3. I got It from a friend, I have no idea how he got it.

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    Don't double post, this forum is moderated so your post won't be shown up immediately until you havn't more than 20 post!

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