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    I was told that I could load an iso with daemon tools and then be able to burn it to disc. The data is over 1 gig. How can I do this? How do I mount it properly/burn it.

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    If you want to burn, you must use another program. I'm 99% certain alcohol 120 will burn a large iso ( < 4.7gb);
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    but i don't know of other programs that can.

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    I have 120, but can't figure out how to burn the image.

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    load the image in the alcohol-virtual-drive and then select the burn-assistant. read the alcohol120%-manual for more information

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    I loaded image, but there is no burn asssistant. I cannot find it. When I try to use wizard, it will not work.

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    From alcohol, click image burning wizard, browse for your image, select correct datatype, and burn.

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    I select my image, but there is no correct data found. I cannot go past selecting my image.

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    Simply get Nero Burning ROM and pick to create a new CD.. The source will be your Daemon-tools virtual cd and simply put it on your newly created cd. But don't forget to change the CD-NAME, that can bring problems sometimes.... Especially if it's a multi-cd or so..

    good luck


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