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Thread: Translations Of Daemon Tools ! Read Inside !

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    Quote Originally Posted by morrislollo
    I want an Swedish translation for v4.

    check out:
    DT4-LangDLL item.
    It's based on DT3.xx translation, but maybe you wanna complete it ;D
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    I'm looking for the polish (by plecy1) and russian (by Deliverer) translation, because they are not longer available on sendspace.
    Anyone can send one or both to me (please PN or mail without attachment first)?

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    Default Thai Translation

    I have finished translating Daemon into Thai and I already sent it to LocutusofBorg via email.

    The Language specification can also be found here:

    My name is David and this is my email address . Any problem with the file and bad translation can be posted to me.

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    Default Translation

    I've almost finished translating DT into my language, however, I need a few things explained:

    64054, "Manual volume control%0"
    64055, "Low%0"
    64056, "High%0"
    What do "Low" and "High" refer to? Is it the volume above?

    64000, "Control library initialization error."
    I don't understand what 'control library' means. Does it mean that this library controls something, or that it contains controls , or something completely different? (I could always translate 'Library init. error" only, but that would be just too easy :-P)

    Thanks in advance for your reply

    PS. I've almost forgot to mention - it's a polish translation. I couldn't find any (the one provided by plecy1 was unavailable) so I've decided to make one by myself.
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    Default Swedish

    I search a Swedish transation to DT4. I only found it for DT3. Are there any way I coulґd convert it, and how??

    Best regards from a Swedish DT-lover.

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    I uploaded my polish translation once again because previous link doesn't work anymore - Download it here

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    Default Swedish translation

    Here is the Swedish translation for v4.x

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    I have prepared a new italian translation, update for v4.08. I'll upload it tomorrow at least.

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    Default Eesti

    Her is 4 serail lang fail.
    Sorry that for estoninan:
    Täiendasin natuke eelnevat tхlget, tхlkisin дra lisatud read ja endal see vers. 4.00t öцtab.
    Ьhe sхnaga suurimad tänud ka eelnevatele tхlkiatele. nimetage ьmber хigesse nimetusse ja saate töцdata

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    Italian translation for Daemon Tools 4.0.8 is up:

    I have already send it to admin.

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