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Thread: Translations Of Daemon Tools ! Read Inside !

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    Idee Old DLLs 4.09.1 converted to 4.10 format

    I have also modified and compiled my old language files to fit to the new languages
    The good news is those files work for all versions 4.03 to 4.09.1 and 4.10.
    Please check them out (hope they work well).

    BTW: There is no need to rename the files.
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    (edit: I'm still using the old string numbers)
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    I have a problem with the french translation i made. I know there is already one but i made my own before and i can't use it. I can see the language menu in DT but i can't use it when i'm using my dll. Can you explain me what's the problem ? You can download the dll here :

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    You must replace this 2 lines:

    right is for line 7000 "0000040C" and for line 7001 "Franзais".

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    Thank you ! I didn't think these lines were important nor did I notice that 40C => 1033

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    I've updated my reverse engineering code and therefore I was able to update a some more languages in my translations:

    I've only added the new strings found in contributed translations (except german which I did by myself).

    All the languages below are included in the and work with DT4.03 to DT4.10.

    completed DT4.10
    English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Polish

    based on DT4.03-4.09.01
    Chinese/Simplified, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, PortuguesePortugal, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

    based on DT4.03-4.08
    Chinese/Traditional, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese Brasilian, Portuguese Portugal, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

    based on DT3.xx
    Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak

    Please check them out (hope they work well).

    BTW: While doing the reverse engineering I discovered errors:
    2007-08-21 Polish by kulmegil: id 7000 must be 00000415
    2007-08-21 Italian by Devilman: id 7000 must be 00000410

    Best regards,
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    Hello Daemonui.

    I think you have a mistake in the french dll in your last pack :
    In the section relating to versions 4.03 to 4.09 ( old format )

    Normally this section contain only 232 lines.
    Theses lines has nothing to make here:

    7000, "0000040C%0"
    7001, "Franзais (Frensh)%0" > Hey : French is the correct spelling ...
    63000, "1252%0"
    63001, "1036%0"
    64512, "Licence personnelle%0"
    64513, "Licence professionnelle%0"
    64514, "Nom d'installation:%0"
    64515, "Numéro de série:%0"
    64516, "(non approuv&#233%0"
    64517, "Entrer le numéro de série%0"
    64518, "Nom d'installation (optionnel):%0"
    64519, "Numéro de série incorrect.%0"

    Let me know please if it's me who made the mistake but i don't think so :wink:

    Here you will find the correct version :

    Here you will get the dll in the original format of DAEMON Tools v4.10 :

    Here you will get an installer/uninstaller for my translation :

    I don't know where you got these translation but i am sure it is not my work.
    I know some guys who catch on the web my work, modify quickly somes lines and said that this is their one.
    I am tired to regularly see theses facts
    If only theses persons made a good work ...

    Le Ch@land.

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    Hi Le Chaland,

    well 63000/63001 are additions I made by myself to identify the language and default codepage.

    The others are new to 4.10

    7001 original is English, so it could be Frensh (stay english) or Franзais (in Frensh).
    If translated and one accidently changes to e.g Hebrew he hardly finds the way back to a known language. Therefore I felt free to extend the given English to <localized name> (<english name>).

    And it was my purpose to add the new strings to the old section as well, since I don't wanna change my code if DT-guys change back to the other format
    And it's (usually) no problem to have more than the required strings. BTW: There are more strings in 4.09 version than in 4.03 version and it works fine, maybe you did'nt recognize that

    Best regards,
    PS: Nowadays I could remove the 63000 section since it's almost equal to the 7000 section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daemonui View Post
    BTW: While doing the reverse engineering I discovered errors:
    2007-08-21 Polish by kulmegil: id 7000 must be 00000415
    Thanks, fixed.
    I mirrored file on my site.

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    I did a couple of correction to my translation, thanks daemonui.
    Here is the new link:


    Where I could find a list of the code for the differente language?

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    Default Translated to Croatian

    I've just sent LocutusofBorg a Croatian translation.

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