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Thread: Daemon Tools rootkit?

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    Frage Daemon Tools rootkit?

    Mark posted something interesting on his SysInternals site about Daemon Tools and Alcohol:

    Theres no proof that Alcohol and Daemon Tools use rootkits to evade DRM, but the evidence is compelling. If they do their usage is clearly unethical and even potentially runs afoul of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In any case, theres no reason for these products, or any product as Ive stated previously, to employ rootkit techniques.
    That's an interesting article. Does Daemon Tools really use a rootkit?

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    this has already been mentioned here:
    the hidden entries are your virtual drives.
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    I just checked my older version of DAEMON 3.47 and it shows a hidden key. I tried to delete it by exporting the visible keys and then deleting the Cfg folder, but apparently RegEditX can't.

    I'm also very curious as to what Daemon is doing here.

    ps. I don't use Daemon to play any games.

    My hidden key from RootkitRevealer
    HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\d347prt\Cfg\0Jf 40 2/5/2006 10:08 AM 0 bytes Hidden from Windows API.

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    The following letter is my PERSONAL VIEW of this
    article and the motivation behind it: it does in
    NO way reflect the opinion of The Daemon Tools Team,
    it is only the opinion of a member, exactly: me

    Apart from the technical correctness, I find it
    interesting how can someone mention "DMCA" (funny,
    as if the whole world live in USA!) and on the
    other hand publish internal mechanisms of other
    peoples software. I'm not sure, but to me it seems
    like reverse engineering, although
    we do not even think about lawyers here. Yes, Mr.
    Russinovich, try that with other vendors and you
    will see the difference. That doesn't mean
    necessarily that we accept his behaviour, to me
    this guy is "prey water and drink wine". Some
    people seems to be "ethical more equal" then others,
    seems to be entitled to use any method while others
    only defend themselfes and get bashed for that

    Well, yes, the technical description is in fact
    not untrue.

    What worries me the most is that Mark Russinovich,
    whom we always respected as a honorable person,
    did never contacted us to talk about our intentions
    nor does he ever contacted anyone of our team.

    While I have big respect for his work, it seems one
    here lacks at least what I would call "honorable
    behaviour, good attitude" or whatever you want to
    call it.

    In my personal opinion(!) it seems to me that Mark
    Russinovich is hardly defending the DRM-Lobby, so
    his comments about DRM and DaemonTools are under-
    standable (from his point of view).

    Yes, DaemonTools use Rootkit-Technology. But:
    We never tried to "hide" that fact from the users.
    And you must AGREE to install our software. We
    are not interested in personal data. And you have
    the nerves and mention DT/Alcohol and Sonys rootkit
    in the same phrase? My gosh!
    For what reasons? Do we harm someone here? Only because
    Mr. Russinovich sees no deeper reason behind it it
    makes DaemonTools a bad application which harms the user?

    Do you really think we designed this for fun? I think
    everyone can imagine why we had no other choice. For
    gods sake, some posters here doesn't believe any word
    that is written only because it is from a very honorable
    person. And again: I can even understand his thoughts,
    he support copyprotections, lobbyism and dmca, tcpa and
    drm. Good, thats an opinion and we respect that, but I
    find it really strange that without proper reason some-
    one try to destruct our reputation and that without even
    one single notice to US!

    If there's one thing I dislike it is when without
    SECURITY-reasons type in a complete articel to discredit
    the DaemonTools Team.

    Moreover I want to add that we always react and do not
    pro-actively implement functions (hooks, if you like),
    but instead often have to react to even make an
    uninstallation of DaemonTools unneccessary - even if
    the user plays from original!!! Imagine that, I'm pretty
    sure that this behaviour alone is not fully legal, but
    again, that is my opinion and you are entitled to have
    your own. You are welcome to show us your new vdrive-
    design which makes all this possible without RK-technology
    only to satisfy some "I'm pissed off by this technology"-

    I'm really curious about the next articles from Mark,
    it's sad that such an intelligent person isn't even
    able to write some lines to get in touch with the
    authors. If something is unethical, than it is THIS
    behaviour and nothing else. Apart from that in most
    countries emulation is legal. At the end of the day,
    our drive is nothing more or less then a hardware-drive
    in a software-form. There are MORE then enough ways to
    prevent piracy, f.e. serial-numbers to only mention ONE.
    Now go ahead and bash against the other vdrives as well!

    I really hope that in the future this is again a site
    that is more neutral and Mark doesn't fight the war
    for Sony and everyone else who think that all the power
    should be in publishers hand and doesn't care a shit
    about the users

    One day, when DT is gone, maybe Mr. Russinovich will
    find out what it means when noone stand in front for
    your rights. But then, it seems that he doesn't care
    about that rights anyway. To sum it up, the whole article
    is written to discredit us. It is a shame in my point of
    view. To me here someone is pissed off by reasons I can't
    imagine, maybe because his "uberleet" rootkit revealer wasn't
    able to open the key or whatever.

    however, this is my personal view of things! Now at least
    we both had our 15 minutes of fame, correct? If you
    want a more serious discussion, you are welcome to contact
    me by email, which is

    with best regards

    This is (nearly) an exact copy of what I posted also
    on Sysinternals.
    It seems to me that there are people out there that
    doesn't know the difference between "bad" behaviour
    of software and a TECHNOLOGY in general.

    Soon, Microsoft will use similar technologies to hotpatch
    the system - I'm curious if Mark will bash them for their
    technology? No, he would NOT. He is simple a big fan
    of DRM - therefore we are not on his "friends" list.

    The "Rootkit" from DaemonTools does NOT harm the users
    machine, nor is it possible to hide malicious code.
    Apart from that, the whole rootkit-discussion is so biased
    that it virtually makes me feel sick to read how "experts"
    warn of a big big wave of "dangerous applications"....

    HELLO!!!! Someone out there? Trojan-developers will care
    a shit about ethics and they will use this technology for
    totally other reasons. But they will also use many other
    technologies, f.e. the file-system, jpeg-compression (to
    transfer screenshots f.e.).... OK, lets just forbid every
    jpeg-compression, or even better every compression in general.... afaik, warez are often zipped!!!

    Even F-Secure mentioned that there are also "good" applications
    out there. If you think that DT is such a good tool, fine.
    If you believe that we are a bad application:

    We make no secret that we hook some functions (like f.e.
    most copyprotections seems to do so, too)

    We do not force you to install our software nor are we
    interested in your personal data.

    If someone thinks our technology-design is bad, well, go on..
    deinstall it!

    just my 2 cents!

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    In the sense of Mark Russinovich's definition Alcohol and Daemon Tools use rootkits. They hide their presence on systems to prevent some protections to render even their originals useless if either Daemon Tools and/or Alcohol are installed.
    Unfortunately this was required due to the amazing stupidity of some protection creators, which blacklisted everything in registry what could point to either of the programs being installed - including even harmless applications like e.g. Alcoholer -, and refusing to run even with the original media unless the applications found by this blacklist-overkill were removed.
    This is for sure NOT comparable to Sony's rootkit!
    Daemon Tools v4.0x is not present in control panel -> software add/remove anymore due to this stupidity of some protection creators.
    Anyway, Mark Russinovich's opinion is that no "good" (in the good vs. evil sense) software has to use rootkits. Greg Hoglund says "(...) the strongest technology available for protecting software is the rootkit." - now figure for yourself what Daemon Tools and Alcohol actually do.
    We use rootkits to protect a) our own intellectual property, and b) the property of our customers and users they paid a lot money for, and have a right to use it even with Daemon Tools installed.
    Everybody be cool! You, be cool!
    They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!

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    I think Mark is full of himself at this point. Seems he thinks he brought Sony to its knees single handedly.

    From what I remember reading he was NOT the first one to publish the fact that Sony used a Rootkit. I'm too lazy to find the article where I read this.

    Now that he's 'King of the World' he is going after the great 'RootKit conspiracy'.

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    I read all about this matter - -

    This seems to be the classic prejudiced, brainwashing and dumb-thinking effort to bring people on the way of one's own.

    Mr. Goebbels did exactly the same thing.

    And, anyway, talking about DRM, TCP and the like: some people are that greedy that they ruin their own basics in the end. They are just too stupid and ignorant to reasonably think about it.

    Shame on Mr. Russinovich - long live Daemon Tools!
    Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waldi
    I read all about this matter - -

    This seems to be the classic prejudiced, brainwashing and dumb-thinking effort to bring people on the way of one's own.

    Mr. Goebbels did exactly the same thing.

    And, anyway, talking about DRM, TCP and the like: some people are that greedy that they ruin their own basics in the end. They are just too stupid and ignorant to reasonably think about it.

    Shame on Mr. Russinovich - long live Daemon Tools!
    I don't think that you can compare goebbels with a rootkit and/or russinovich. Think before posting rubish.
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    as locutus stated

    there is a slightly difference between the sony rootkit and the "rootkit" (as I don't see it as such) daemon tools installs.

    sony didn't inform the users that something was insatlled on their machines, which was in fact very bad for sony's reputation.
    in the case of daemon tools you know what you are installing and if not you better deinstall it and start to inform yourselves about what you are installing before you do that for any further software you want to use.

    so don't start to panic and search your reg for these keys, just to find something you can cry about.

    daemon tools is a great and hard peace of work, which makes our all lives much easier.

    at last I want to say, give a s**t on this article Mr. M. R. wrote because it's just out there to miscredit daemon tools and the crew. it's cleary a drm propaganda article

    added my 2 cents too

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    Quote Originally Posted by vatras90
    I don't think that you can compare goebbels and a rootkit and/or russinovich. Some things should be clear.
    Well - what do you mean by "some things should be clear"???

    Remember - to communicate effectively, people have to tell each other what they think. Otherwise you're just spitting emotional puddles on my shoes . . .
    Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.

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