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Thread: Upgrading RAM dilemma

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    Default Upgrading RAM dilemma

    Hi hope someone can help me please cause' I can't find any info about this anywhere. I want to upgrade my RAM. I have single sided RAM access on my MB cause I have an old Athlon 64 3400which is why I have 2 Corsair CMX 512 3200Pro sticks. I only have one slot left on my MB (3 slots in total) and wanted to put 1 Corsair CMX 1024 3200Pro in the last slot. They are exactly the same except the latench is slightly diffrent. Can I put this on my MB or will I start getting errors, also should I put it in slot 1 or 3. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    As far as I know it should be no problem though it is not optimal to combine different latencies.

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    Yeah, it should be ok although you might get a drop off in bandwidth. If you don't have dual channel menory it shouldn't matter which slot it goes in, however look at your motherboard vendor site for further advise.


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