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Thread: [TIP]Right click menu on image files!

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    Default Clone CD sheep icons

    Quote Originally Posted by venoman
    I'm not really sure what you'r referring to when you talk about setting icons to virtual drives
    Clone CD adds sheep icons to all of its virtual drives. This lets you distinguish them from real CD/DVD drives in the My Computer window.
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    ah. I had installed a custom windows iconset before ever installing daemon tools, which must have overwritten the "sheep" icon thing It just displays the (my) standard dvd rom icon on my virtual drives.

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    Default Re: Clone CD sheep icons

    DAEMON Tools does not add icons, I was talking about a program called Clone CD (a burning program that also provides virtual drives).
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    Default BTEWin

    For adding right clicking functionality for the virtual drives in the My Computer window you can try using 'DriveMenu.bte' in BTEWin v3.07.
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    hmm... DriveMenu.bte didn't come with the default examples included in the 3.07 install; have you seen that file anywhere on its own? I googled with no success.

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    Default Re: BTEWin

    Nevermind, I should not have recommended it. I misread the description from this webpage
    - FileTool: New options to allow custom meenus for drives have been added. As an example, a script that adds 'Load' and 'Eject' functions for all CD/DVD drives and several options to mount and unmount images with Daemon Tools virtual drives has been included. Its name is 'DriveMenu.bte'.
    I just tested it and it turns out the menus it adds to CD drives apply to all drives not just virtual drives. And it could only Load and Eject the tray- there weren't any DAEMON Tools specific options when you right clicked a drive in the My Computer window.

    btw. The DriveMenu.bte file is installed in the Program Files\Vdesk 2 & BTEWin\FileTool folder. You probably need to check the FileTool checkbox when installing to get that script file.
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    It seems that there's a bit of confussion here about the FileTool shell extension. First of all, you don't need to touch anything; it works right after installing (if the "Install FileTool ..." option is selected in the installer, which is by default).

    The shell extension is a general purpose one, which can be extended by scripts that act as plugins, and that can be edited by the user. What I mean in the documentation is that the files DriveMenu.bte (for drives) and DTFTMenu.bte (for files) are the scripts that add support for Daemon Tools, but that scripts are loaded automatically by the shell extension (The general behavior can be changed by editing the FileTool.ini file) and are not to be touched unless someone wants to tune them to their own liking.

    In second place, the shell extension adds "Load" and "Eject" options to all the CD/DVD Drives, and adds mounting capabilities only for Daemon Tools ones, as well as the usual options for supported image files.

    All windows versions are supported, from Windows 98 to windows XP64 (a 64 bit version of the shell extension is included).

    If DT4 is used, secure mode must be disabled because my executables are not signed (I don't like that and I still lack updated info, althought I've asked for it). I try to detect Daemon Tools 4 automatically, but it may not be detected; if it is not, then you should start the Vdesk application and choose the control library manually in the options menu (daemon.dll).

    If after checking the above, it still doesn't work, please e-mail me with details.

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    I think this would be a great suggestion for part of the DT program.

    Add context menus for associated file types (image files) so they can be right-clicked and then mounted. A bit like looking in a folder full of CD's, selecting one, and then inserting it.

    I don't know if you can have cascading context menus (like Mount > Drive E:, rather than just Mount) - that would be cool.

    - Sly

    P.S. Meanwhile, I will probably try one of the methods here to associate the file types with the program. (Especially my desire to be able to directly/easily mount .bin images.)

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    hmm...I always edit a .reg file to achieve the goal.
    like this:

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.vcd\shell\Insert to MAEMON Driver]

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.vcd\shell\Insert to MAEMON Driver\command]
    @="\"C:\\Program Files\\D-Tools\\daemon.exe\" -mount 0,\"%1\""

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    Or you can use awxDTools from the 3rd party downloads section.

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