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    Default gran turismo2

    i would like to play gran turismo 2 in windows xp.but it cant be played because the connectix virtual game station(cvgs) is not supported or digitally signed.please help me on how can i get the updated software or how to overcome this problem.

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    Default Try my patched CVGS for P4 and WinXP


    if you don't understand anything don't worry, you are not crazy
    my page is in Greek.

    somewhere in the middle you'll find this link
    "Παίζοντας παιχνίδια Playstation στο PC"

    follow it and download P@nDr@G0n's CVGS 1.4.1.

    Your XP problem sould be solved!

    P.S. This VGS cannot be runned from CD. (Only H/D)


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