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Thread: SC chaos theory ?

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    Unplug your drives.
    Download Starforce Nightmare:
    Start it and press disable node, then look if it's working now (don't forget to use SFCure when you use DT 3.47).
    If the cd-key error appears try recreating the Image with Alcohol 120% high DPM and a slow read speed like 1x or 2x if 1x isn't working.
    If you can't read the dpm succesfully or the cd-key error appears then go to this site:
    and download some mds files (contain the dpm info) and replace them with your own. Rename the downloaded like your own and paste it into the directory of your image.
    Try if it's working now. You can try it with all mds files downloadable at this site. One should work (try the one from LeatherFace) for you.
    If it's not working all the time i would try installing DT 4.03 (no need for SFCure anymore).
    The drives need to be unplugged all the time you want to play the game.
    One question:
    Does it work with the original CD/DVD?

    Mini-Image definitely won't work.

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    No it also doesn't work with original DVD. I was very near to success as my old mds file is only 4 kb. And this is 38 kb. Now when I try to mount any of these mds into alchol or daemon they say invalid image unable to mount. ?
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    You have to rename the new mds file to the same name of your old, the mds and mdf file must have the same name:
    name.mds, name.mdf

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    No it also doesn't work with original DVD.
    How come that? And how come you say you made the image with 'high DPM' and then get a 4kb .mds??

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    Default 4kb?

    Yes, for me about 38kbs
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    First, it sounds like he couldn't get it to work with the ORIGINAL dvd, which is f*cking bull.

    Second, every time you buy a starforce game, those bastards win. Starforce is unethical and should be boycotted. They've gone too far with this low-level driver intrusion. Starforce hurts the innocent consumer moreso than the average game pirate.

    This is not a site plug; I feel the following link is relevant to this discussion because it contains information on how starforce works and affects your system.

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    If it does not work with your original disc, your problem is not related to Daemon Tools. Please contact the official game support to find a solution for your problem.
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