I've been using Daemon Tools for happily for quite some time now and never had any problems with it. So first of all, I'd like to say thanks for this awesome software!
Now here's my Problem: After reinstalling windows xp sp1, I wanted to install daemon tools (3.33) as well. When I installed and it reached the final step of the install process, my Computer rebooted after showing a bsod for a couple of seconds. After rebooting and logging in, it would either reboot immediately, or after a maximum of approx. 30 seconds. When I tried to uninstall daemon the pc rebooted. When I tried to uninstall or disable the wolf scsi controller in the device manager my pc immediately rebooted as well. so I decided to delete the st3wolf.sys and the oem0X.inf and oem0X.pnf files. I did so, reebooted and bingo: no more reboots. now before I continue: I did uncheck the "reboot automatically after failure" in the my computer properties to see if the bsod contained any useful info, but it gave me absolutely no information on what the error was exactly (no driver causing it etc.).
So next thing I did was download Daemon tools 3.2 and 3.16 and tried getting them to work. this turned out to be futile as well, because the same problem surfaced with every version I tried. On one of the versions I even got the uninstall portion of Daemon tools to work after deleting the driver file and rebooting. When reinstalling the same problem reoccured.
I did not change any hardware in my system and am wondering why I am suddenly experiencing such difficulties... :-(. I have a computer running nicely without daemon tools, but I'd really don't want to do without them. I am also really sick of reinstalling Windows, so if there is a way to get around it, that would be awesome...
hope I described everything acceptably,