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Thread: Vista-Based Icons

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    Default Vista-Based Icons

    I was tought if we could have new icons, maybe Vista-Based (Yes, I do have Vista Here as secondary OS). I've made some just for an example. Maybe you can do better. Icons where originally taken from Vista Shell32.
    Realistic Icons

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    Sehr schöne Icons!

    Neim Symbol könnte man vielleicht die grüne Reflektion zu einen kleinen Regenbogen erweitern, dann sähe es noch realistischer aus.

    Benutzt Vista nicht bei vielen Icons eine schräge Ansicht?

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    In English:
    Very beautiful Icons! Perhaps Neim symbol one could extend the green reflection to a small rainbow, then it would look still more realistic. Doesn't Vista use a diagonal opinion with many Icons?
    (Used BabelFish)

    Auf deutsch:
    Die Vista Shell32 CD Ikonen (32x32, 48x48 u. 16x16) sind die genau innen hier, aber ich haben eingeschlossen das Grün, die roten und blauen Schraubbolzen und auch die blaue Form mit Schraubbolzen. Amperestunde und auch die Ikonen waren in 256 Farben Modus, habe ich ihn in Bit 32 gebildet!

    In English:
    The Vista Shell32 CD Icons (32x32, 48x48 & 16x16) are exactly the ones in here, but I've included the Green, Red and Blue Bolts and also the Blue Contour with Bolt. Ah, and also the icons were in 256 Colors mode, I've made it in 32 bit!
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    Hi, i've made my version. Just for fun.

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    Ahoy! Just installed RC1, and found a new icon, wich includes 256x256 (and the standards, also)!! Those where the good news... NOW the bad news: The green rainbow is now on the other side, and the image is a bit more realistic... Thanks for the icons, they're more beautyfull than my ones! I'll use them in my "new version"!
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    UPDATED!!! New version of the Exe icons!!! They're now RC1 ImageRes.dll CD Icons-Based!

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    Could you upload the icons again? They are gone from rapidshare


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