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Thread: Daemon tools external drive emulator

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    Default Daemon tools external drive emulator

    I've been looking into this, and perhaps will need a lot more than just a few cables to get this working, but I would love for daemon tools to implement a virtual external drive emulation.

    The terms are probably not well chosen, but basically I would like to be able to run Daemon tools and have it emulate a drive for another device.

    So let's say a drive from one of your electronics goes bad and you can't run daemon tools on it, simply because it doesn't allow any application but its own to be ran.

    One could connect their ide/sata/usb cable from that device to their pc - launch daemon tools, tell it to ouput the emulation to a certain port (usb/ide/sata) and you could then start the other device, which would find a working drive.

    This is more of a food for thoughts, as I'm sure there's a lot more involved behind it - and of course there would be a lot more configuration needed on the daemon tools side, so that one could emulate a certain kind of hardware or load a certain firmware etc.

    But I think all in all it would make for a really sweet application.

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    filter driver would probably be able to do that, though the hardware it'd be filtering would most likely have to be in a good working order for it all to work.. if a drive is dead, its dead..


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