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Thread: No way to emulate newest Laserlock (HellForces EV)?

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    Default No way to emulate newest Laserlock (HellForces EV)?


    Is their a chance to make a working backup from the game HellForces EV which is protected with the newest version of Laserlock? I try to make an image with Alcohol 120% and the profil Laserlock and mounted it in virt. drive from Dt4.03. But he says Software protection error and he want the Original CD. Then I disconnected my IDE-drives and tryed again, but also no way. I burned a copy (oversize 704.4 MB) with Alcohol, it doesnґt work. I also tryed a sector by sector copy. Nothing work. It seems StarForce and Protect CD is a joke infact of these new Laserlock. Have anyone copied this game succsesfully? I thank everyone who have a hint for me what I could do to run the game with a backup.

    Sorry for the bad english, Iґm from germany!

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    Have you tried burning it with Blindwrite? Maybe this one works.

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    can you post a tree structure of the cd contents here ???
    do you know what i mean ?

    go to dos box and switch to your cd drive (maybe d:\) and type "dir /s /on >c:\tree.txt"
    then you should have a file named tree.txt in the root of your c drive. post it here.

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    BW copy also fails. Iґll make such a tree and post it.

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    Ok, that is the result!

    Datenträger in Laufwerk O: HF_1
    Seriennummer des Datentrgers: B0EF-BDF2

    Verzeichnis von O:\

    AUTORUN <DIR> 04-06-05 11:57a AutoRun
    AUTORUN INF 47 10-21-04 3:30p autorun.inf
    HELL ICO 2,238 10-27-04 10:22a hell.ico
    LICENSE TXT 13,342 12-25-04 6:00p License.txt
    MANUAL PDF 2,870,416 02-06-05 2:32p manual.pdf
    README TXT 2,045 02-07-05 11:19a ReadMe.txt
    SETUP EXE 767,460 03-10-05 12:45p setup.exe
    SETUP-1 BIN 712,135,360 03-10-05 12:26p setup-1.bin
    SETUPX EXE 90,112 10-04-04 2:00p SETUPX.exe
    SETUPX DAT 668 12-24-04 2:26p setupx.dat
    9 Datei(en) 715,881,688 Bytes

    Verzeichnis von O:\AutoRun

    . <DIR> 04-06-05 11:57a .
    .. <DIR> 06-15-05 11:37a ..
    BACK BMP 561,056 12-24-04 1:41p back.bmp
    EXIT_D BMP 3,156 12-24-04 1:50p Exit_D.bmp
    EXIT_L BMP 3,156 12-24-04 1:52p Exit_L.bmp
    EXIT_N BMP 3,156 12-24-04 1:51p Exit_N.bmp
    INSTA~12 BMP 5,240 12-24-04 1:56p Install_D.bmp
    INSTA~14 BMP 5,240 12-24-04 1:56p Install_L.bmp
    INSTA~16 BMP 5,240 12-24-04 1:56p Install_N.bmp
    PLAY_D BMP 3,320 12-24-04 1:53p Play_D.bmp
    PLAY_L BMP 3,320 12-24-04 1:53p Play_L.bmp
    PLAY_N BMP 3,320 12-24-04 1:53p Play_N.bmp
    README_D BMP 5,116 12-24-04 1:50p Readme_D.bmp
    README_L BMP 5,116 12-24-04 1:53p Readme_L.bmp
    README_N BMP 5,116 12-24-04 1:52p Readme_N.bmp
    RUN_D BMP 5,984 10-21-04 2:51p Run_D.bmp
    RUN_L BMP 5,984 10-21-04 2:51p Run_L.bmp
    RUN_N BMP 5,984 10-21-04 2:51p Run_N.bmp
    UNINST_D BMP 5,336 12-24-04 1:56p Uninst_D.bmp
    UNINST_L BMP 5,336 12-24-04 1:53p Uninst_L.bmp
    UNINST_N BMP 5,336 12-24-04 1:54p Uninst_N.bmp
    19 Datei(en) 645,512 Bytes

    Dateien gesamt:
    28 Datei(en) 716,527,200 Bytes
    3 Verzeichnis(se) 0 Bytes frei

    I hope that help to find a way to emulate!

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    Have you tried creating an image with DPM? Maybe some new Laserlock version that requires DPM...

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    but is there no hidden laserlock directory like older versions ?
    did you use attributes to show hidden files/directories ?

    are you sure it is using laserlock ?

    is this the same hellforces as from buka entertainment/orion ??
    and if yes what's the "EV" for ??
    because i have hellforces (in au) and it is not laserlock.
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    Yes, i mean the english (EV) 2 CD version HellForces from buka entertainment/orion.

    The german version from publisher Frogster doesnґt have a copy protection and the violence is cutted extremly. Is the au version also cut and what copy protection is on your discs?

    And you are right, there is a hidden Laserlok directory on the play disc. The file in the directory is named Laserlok.out and have a size of 20.6 MB.

    DPM is a problem because of the many reading errors, but i'll try it! Thanks for the hints.

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    Default directory listing with hidden folders and hidden files

    This is kind of off topic and perhaps academic (I don't want to take the discussion off Laserlock) but you can't get a proper directory listing of a CD with hidden folders and files without manually specifying the hidden folder name.

    If you do dir /s /ad you'll have hidden directories included but you won't see any hidden files. If you do dir /s /ah you'll see hidden files but you won't traverse into hidden directories. And if you combine /ad and /ah it won't work either because CMD will only use the last given switch.
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    Hey can you please try to email me the game exe to ?

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