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    Now, I read the warning thread, and I have tried some of the suggestions in other threads, but alot of what is said makes no sense to me. I get the same message that alot of other people got when trying to start Star Wars Empire at War, that I should insert the original SWEAW disk into drive E:. Now, here is what I am using. I have the trial version of Alcohol 120%, and I used a Light-On DVD ROM drive to read it. I didn't read it at full speed, I believe I read it at 40x. Also, in the drop down box when u are setting up to dump a CD I chose SecuROM. Now, I know it read right because I put BOTH cds onto my pc and then installed it from there. Then, when I use the real disk it starts fine, but when I use the virtual drive it doesnt work.

    How can I fix this?

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    You need to make an image with Securom NEW (v4*, v5*) setting on Alcohol 120%

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    That's all? Because I see lots of other threads about problems, only, I have no clue what they are talking about?


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    Just try it out. You'll need to unplug your optical IDE drives (i.e. CD/DVD drives) to play it though because modern copy protections include a SCSI blacklist.
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    No, you dont have to unplugg them. i dont have to at least.
    iv'e got i working by updating it and using a curerom profile:

    Select the exe file, located in the gamedata folder. Hit next.
    choose to mount it in DEAMON Tools, and chose the mini image(.mds) use drive 0 to mount in and set wait to 5 seconds for the image to load. then check for unmount when aplication finishes and kepp the SecuROM and RMPS emulation on.
    hit next.follow the next stepps, as they are not important for the game to run.

    i have got the game to run this way, but not always, so just try until you get it right


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