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Thread: City Life copy protection

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    Default City Life copy protection

    Hi I'm new and pretty much a noob in all this. (Sorry for posting in the wrong forum earlier)

    I 've tried making a backup of City Life using the latest Alcohol120 (with the default StarForce 1/2/3 settings) and tried to play it using either Daemon or Alcohol but so far I haven't got any luck.

    What reading option should I use? (also, I've been reading I should disconnect the IDE connection of my CD/DVD this correct?)

    Thanks in advance.

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    What error message did you get? Best is to post a screenshot.

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    City Life is protected with StarForce 3.7 so using the StarForce 1/2/3 profile is correct. You'll need a drive that reads proper DPM information.

    You may need to unplug your optical IDE drives for it to run, however it may work without doing that since, if I recall correctly, the latest versions of StarForce seem to have discarded SCSI blacklisting.
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