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Thread: toca 3 starforce 3.7

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    I have no problem running toca 3 without unplugging.

    Disabled pata controller in device manager
    Clicked disable node in Sfn.

    Runs on Nforce4 for me ok.

    It is an awesome game, now i just need an unlocker so i can play more race modes online

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    its not working here with nforce 4 , im in RAID too , maybe its the RAID ...

    anybody have idea ?

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    there is no solution yet. i am very sure the RAID is guilty for this

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    I can run the game without unplugging or disablaling the IDE Controler.
    Is just made in Image with Alcohol and use the dpm from

    I mount the image in D-Tools 4.03 and everthing works fine.
    No other tools

    ASRock K7s8xe+

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    I can play the game without unplugging or disabeling the IDE Interface.

    I just made a backup with Alcohol and use the dpm from

    I just mount the image in Alcohol 4.03 and it runs without any other tools.


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    Makes sense. I have one 250gig sata 2 h.d running in jbod from the nforce controller and the game works fine. Maybe raid is to blame

    Contrary to my previous post i just have to disable the controller, the sfn step isn't neccesary as it was with X3.

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    i have found a way to play with the raid , i have put the image on my external usb drive and i have mount the image and its working . you just need to put the image on a external drive or if you dont have one maybe you can burn the .mds and the . mdf on a data dvd ...

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    Lächeln Its Definately a RAID issue!!!

    I'd just like to add that i have an Nforce sli with Nvidia and Silicon image SATA raid ports on my board (Optical drives 1 & 2 are still connected via 80way ATA ribbon cables though).
    I had no end of trouble running this one, I was even going to try converting Optical Liteon DVD/RW and DVD Rom drives to SATA via two IDE to SATA dongles i have.
    Then i thought, why not try just copying the image (MDS/MDF) to one of my three external USB2.0 Hard drives (connected via a USB extension and externally powered), and Bingo, It worked fine via DTools 4.03HE with the .Parralell ATA Port Disabled in Device Manager - No need to use SF blocking http://i12.photobucsoftware such as Starforce Nightmare....
    I'm Chuffed as Chips now!
    I'm pretty sure depending on your Cmos /Bios options , If you have setup your hard disks via RAID, you can just have a single SATA or spanned drives with no RAID function instead, although this'll mean a format of your system of course.



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    Default Raid Sata Nforce 3 Working.. If..

    Sample just mount the img from a shared HD of ur network ..

    Working fine.

    1: Copy TOCA3 img on a HD of ur network. (Shared HD whatever)

    2: Load the TOCA3 img with DeamonTool latest ver.

    3: Start the game.

    Wasnt working before because i used SATA RAID(Nforce3).

    Working right away without any other tool then deamon.


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    Default Work Around for RAID..

    External USB HD or COPY the img on a network HD .. and mount it from there.

    I wasnt able to play before because im using RAID(nforce3) dunno why. i just copied the img over a shared hd of another computer and mounted it. Working fine now.


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