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Thread: AntiSecuROM AutoLoader

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    Quote Originally Posted by sYk0
    Yes, the function ho hide anyDVD has already been implimented into CureROM... and will be in the next release...

    if you want a preview, PM me...
    Wonderful! Seriously, that's just amazingly cool; I always found it so strange and frustrating that the AnyDVD authors didn't recognize and/or address the fact that their program caused problems with new forms of copy protection.

    I'm a patient sort, so I'll just wait for the next release to check it out (though you have my sincere thanks for the offer of a sneak peak.) Once again it has to be said: thanks so very much for your time and work on CureROM. I'm sure you could be doing any number of things other than working on this program for the community, but the fact that you are choosing to spend your time in this way really is greatly appreciated, I would venture to guess, by the overwhelming majority of people who've used CureROM.

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    Man this gonna also work for upcoming hitman bloodmoney ? I'm sure they will use securerom protection

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    I can't get it to work. I must be stupid.
    I created a shortcut to ASAutoload and put the path to the game after it

    "C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\Plugins\ASAutoLoad.exe" "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\sweaw.exe"

    what happens when I use the shortcut is the same as if you opened AntiSecuRom by itself, SecuROM loader v1.1 pops up asking for the exe file... I have tried doing this for several other games, but I must not be getting something.


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    Why not directly use AntiSecuROM with parameters?
    Copy AntiSecuROM into the directory where sweaw.exe is located, then create a shortcut to it like this:
    AntiSecuROM.exe -r sweaw.exe

    It needs to be in the same directory as the game's protected exe to work. And also don't forget to copy the AntiSecuROM.dll there too.

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    Default AntiSecuRom

    I cant get it, where u get AntiSecuRom from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormtrooper
    I cant get it, where u get AntiSecuRom from?
    Find Securom_loader V1.1 (so called Anti Securom Loader) in the download section:

    I repost a tested link find in this thread for the Auto Loader :
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    Nice tools, cool.

    Have you plan to pass parameter to the EXE file called ? It would be nice ...

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    Where do I get the .dll and the other .exe?
    -- Locus

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    why not using DaemonScript?

    it can mount a image, enable emulations, dismout, start securom loader, wait for app termination and supports parameters.
    it creates a shortcut into the [start] bar, klick an play. no matter which tool is needed.

    for example how to add a securom game:

    1) mount image
    2) runAPP
    executable: E:\Games\The Guild 2\procyon.exe (procyon = securom loader 7.26)
    parameters: -r GuildII.exe
    startup dir: E:\Games\The Guild 2
    3) save & create shortcut
    4) done, start->guild 2 -> play

    if you want a standard image mounted after you quit the game:
    5) waitforapp -> GuildII.exe + wait for app. termination
    6) mount image xyz

    saves alot of trouble
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    Where do I download Procyon?
    -- Locus

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