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Thread: Empire at War, How Chief got it working

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    Frage What is this exactly?

    Emulator detected!
    Please deactivate virtual drive and emulation software.

    Im not sure what the blacklisting is referring to but is this the blacklisting that does it? or is it somthing else im using Pr0t.St0p v1.0 for blacklisting

    im trying to get SW Empire at War v1.0 working

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    Reden Empire at War, How Chief got it working

    Just had to gather what everyone has been doing and tried them all.

    Then after 10min got it working this way,
    Mount image wit Daemon tools v403, the emulations didnt matter turn them on if you want
    With CureRom (a lot of people arent saying how they made the profiles)
    Made profile wit just using its anti blacklisting and used the SWEAR.exe inside GAMEDATA folder
    And starts right up.

    Didnt do any BS like uninstall/disable CD Rom drives or use Win2000 Compatibility.

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    my first post works for me the second one was becuase im not sure exactly what blacklisting is.

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    Default ...

    I merged your two threads. Everything is working now?
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    has anybody gotten version 1.5 working? I can't seem to get 1.5 backup working, it has some nice fixes.

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    Default i did wht the chief guy did

    i did wht he said to do then i got this error: Original disc could not be found or authenticated.

    What do i do now?

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    That error means your image isn't good enough. How did you create the image? What program and what settings?


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