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Thread: Suggestion: LOSE THE ADWARE

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    Default Suggestion: LOSE THE ADWARE

    In a time of total hostility towards adware by every legit security company, government and normal person alive, I have at a loss for words why you have integrated WhenU into D-Tools. What utter crap.

    save.exe is listed on EVERY security website as spyware. And I just sat her and watched save.exe take up 80MB of my RAM for over 5 minutes while it gathered information about my computer, my web history and God knows what else.

    I've decided to dump D-Tools altogether, wouldn't even register it if it was an option. I'm going with another virtual CD solution, from a company that doesn't even tread into adware waters.

    Good bye!

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    Ill hang around and enjoy d-tools....
    See, ive mastered that (apparently) unmasterable art of unchecking the checkbox on EVERY program that gives you options to install extra unwanted software....

    Possily you should begin to learn this fine art....

    Let me point you in the right direction mr crankypants....
    Some reading material in aid of the mastery of this fine art....
    THE ART OF WAR-ning about unwanted installations (tsUN-DO: Date Unknown)

    enjoi ur foray into other lesser virtual drives

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    So, have you also uninstalled all versions of Adobe acrobat reader from all your computers? Last time I d/led that it came with yahoo toolbar which is a form of spyware.

    At least d-tools is upfront about the existance of the searchbar in their product, its on the front web page, its in the forums, and its optional to install. Its not hidden in EULA somewhere so no one finds it.

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    I dunno why your complaining, just uncheck the box that says searchbar during installation and you get the same thing as the customers. and btw, there is an option to register.

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    man even nero 7 have yahoo toolbar in it :P

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    Most of your statements have already been debunked by the others, but I feel there's one more statement you made that needs correcting.

    you have integrated WhenU into D-Tools
    This is incorrect. The installer was added to the DT installer, but neither the Search Bar or SaveNow is "integrated" into DT. This is why you can opt out of the adware or uninstall it later and it will not break Daemon Tools, because they are not an integral part of the program.

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    In most cases, people who complain about spyware/adware are the ones that always click 'OK' and 'Next' without reading anything.
    It is called PEBKAC
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    There is also the option to register the software to help support it's developement, you can then download the ad-ware free version.

    But as has been said before, it's damn simple to unchecked the box so the searchbar isn't installed

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    Well I think he's received a good beating now, so I won't state the obvious.

    But about the "other" program, Alcohol 120% is the only other viable option. So even though I do not know what you bought/downloaded, I know you either acquired:

    1. Crap


    2. Something that costs so much it makes you crap

    Don't be stupid. :wink:

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    It's always a surprise to me that users,who know how to mount images,can't seem to learn how to uncheck a simple checkbox....

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