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Thread: Please insert Disk 2

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    Default Please insert Disk 2

    I converted my Virtual FF7 disks to .iso however the game still would not play it would say "please insert disk 1, 2, or 3.

    So I decided to try a new program to see if that would work Alcohol 52% worked like a charm. Now however I am at the end of Disk 1 and it is asking for disk 2.

    I go out and try to swap the virtual disks and return to the program but it will not recognize the swap.

    Any help? If you can help me run the game on Deamon tools perhaps that would work better.



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    This happened to me when I was installing Need for Speed Underground, I had 2 .iso files = The 2 disks. I created 2 virtual drives, first mounting disk 1 .iso, then when it asked for Disk 2, I mounted the second disk on my other virtual drive, worked like a charm! Hope this helps.

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    Are you talking about the PC version or the PSX version in an emulator ?
    Anyway, do you have the same issue using the original media ?
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