View Full Version : AutoRun, Vista, and Daemon tools?

13.06.2008, 07:11
Whenever I mount an image, AutoRun comes up. However, it's not the AutoRun for installing software (which is what I'm trying to mount). It's the Autorun for pictures.

So I'm wondering... is it my OS causing the problem? I read a similar thread on a different site that was caused by lack of compatibility between the version of Daemon used and the version of Vista. Or is it simply an issue with Daemon's config?

Btw, I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium, 32-bit. Daemon version being ran is Daemon Tools Lite v. 4.12.2 .

13.06.2008, 08:00
This is not caused by DAEMON Tools.

Is autorun.inf present on the disc you are mounting? What happens when you insert the real not-virtual disc?