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01.11.2009, 17:10
Hi all, I'm new here. My name is Sergio, I'm 23 years old and I'm Argentinian.

I want to report a bug in the new sidebar gadget.
My problem takes place when I set the transparency (opacity) of the DT gadget. When I scroll around with the mouse, sometimes it set the opacity to 100% (like it should) but sometimes it stays transparent.

*System: Windows 7 RTM 32bits
*Daemon Tools Lite v4.35.5
*CDBurnerXP v4.2.7.1794 & Roxio Pro 2010
*MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) & SB Search and Destroy
*Mother: Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 (chipset: nForce 570 SLI AMD)
*CPU: Athlon x2 4000+ (@2.3Ghz)
*Video: nVidia 9600GT 512mb (drivers: 191.07)

I'm also using another 2 gadgets (the weather one and the CPU Meter) and both of them works fine with the transparency option.

Thanks in advance!

01.11.2009, 18:55
Unable to reproduce on my OS (Windows 7 Ultimate x86) :(

In any case, thank you for report. Your problem will be investigated.

01.11.2009, 19:33
Thanks for the quick response Sway (I post the tread 3 times because I was using G.Chrome and I wasn't getting the "your post will not be visible..." message until the 3rd time when I post from FireFox, so sorry about that).

Well I'm a C# developer and let me say that this smells like some focus problem.
When I click somewhere on my desktop or when I click an icon and then move the mouse over the gadget, it stays transparent.
But if I click the gadget and move the mouse out and then into the gadget area, it becomes 100% opaque like it should.

My Win7 is also Ultimate and I have applied a lot of updates that where filtered on the internet (all of them digital signed from Microsoft).

I have just tried the gadget on a virtual machine (the same Win7 using VirtualBox 3.0.10) and I have the same problem but I have to say that I also have applied the updates to that Win7 so maybe one of that updates is causing this. :confused:

01.11.2009, 20:38
Thanks for exact scenario. It will be fixed.

01.11.2009, 21:36
You're welcome, that sidebar it's surely a great new feature. :)