View Full Version : Latest ATAPY.SYS for Windows XP

12.05.2004, 12:23
Does anybody know where the latest version of ATAPI.SYS for Windows XP can be found?; I have been getting filesystem corruption problems for some time when powering down the system or when it enters suspend or hibernation status, so I downloaded the fix Q331958 that should deal with such problems (only for ATAPI, not SATA devices, of course), but this is still a no go; it happens less often than before but it's still there. The version of the fix is 5.1.2600.1135, but I know that there are more recent versions (at least from mid 2003) that I haven't been able to find.

By the way, what kind of word filters are you using?, I got a strange message about warez,... when trying to post this.

12.05.2004, 13:44
Word filter checks for "downloaded".

As for atapi.sys, you should uninstall dtools, reboot, then install new atapi.sys, then reinstall dtools.

13.05.2004, 06:30
Thanks for the reply, but please read the post, what I'm asking is for a link to the latest ATAPI.SYS for XP update (or just the file alone), because I don't want to download a full XP2 beta package just for one file. The latest version should be 5.1.2600.1211 or newer.

21.07.2004, 15:23
everyone has to get these bulky service packs.
Asking for direct links to dll files is dangerous especially for proprietry components.
If you wanna legally risk yer ass make a link for everyone else because your the only one asking.