View Full Version : Suggestion : make a kind of "playlist" of many ISO

10.01.2003, 10:23
Hi, I'm French, so excuse me for my english...

My subject mean it could be interesting to include a "playlist" function to Daemon Tools because a lot af new programs need 2 or more Cds...

Example :

I mount the CD1, the CD2 and the CD3 of "BIGSOFTWARE" ... I choose "Create a List" with, for example, the name "BIGSOFTWARE.DTL" (DTL for Dameon Tools List) ... and in the future, if I open the file "BIGSOFTWARE.DTL", my 3 CDs are automatically mounted ... :)

I think it should be a great feature....



10.01.2003, 15:52
hm, you might find a tool i made called DaemonScript interesting. I will email you soon about it. The prog allows you to create scripts. So you could just make a script to mount the three images, and on exit, unmount them all or such.