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10.02.2003, 06:00
I am running Windows XP. I am using an NEC 7900A 24x10x40 burner. I have created a .bin - .cue with CDRWIN of my Neverwinter Nights discs, however when I try to mount the Play Disc, it is not made available in My Computer. I am using 3.29. I have produced the image several times with no luck on mounting. If there is any other info I can provide please let me know. I get no crashes, installs fine, and the mounted image shows when I right-click on Daemon tools. I have Securom checked. I am at a loss. Please help if you can.


PS - I get an error "Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows."

10.02.2003, 07:21
The normal CD mastering programs like CDRWin, WinOffCD, EasyCDCremator are not good for backupping copy protected discs. Install Alcohol 120% and make an image with Alcohol, that should work fine. Your burner supports RAW+96 reading, so subchannel data is no problem - which is what SecuROM NEW (<4.8x) bases on.


10.02.2003, 13:16
I used Alohol to create an MDS MDF image. Still having the sam problem. I have read a few posts about IMAPI maybe being a problem as well as other programs. Anyone have a list or know what I hould turn off or remove to make this work. I Installed D-T on another PC and the image shows mounted, I can open the CD without any errors, but I cannot see any files. Please help.


15.02.2003, 19:23
If you're using DT's Securom emulation, turn it off. Neverwinter Nights doesn't use it anymore.

If you want to disable IMAPI, open your Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services and disable the "IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service."

19.02.2003, 07:49
If you're using DT's Securom emulation, turn it off. Neverwinter Nights doesn't use it anymore.."Only if it's patched 1.23 or higher.