View Full Version : Battlefield 1942 .bin file problem!

06.04.2003, 17:01

i'm trying to install battlefield 1942 from a bin file (using a cue file);
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but when installing (at 39%) it gives the following error:" specified component cannot be found in the media. an attempt was made to acess a component that does not exist in the anmed media." and then installation is aborted.

i've mounted the image with d-tools 3.32, alcohol 120, burned it using alcohol 120, converted the bin file to an iso file and burned it using nero (also mounted the iso file with d-tools and alcohol 120) and i always get the same error. is my .bin file corrupted or am i doing something wrong?


06.04.2003, 20:32
According to what you wrote, your bin-file is corrupted!
Which program did u use to create the image???
Btw.. I dont like battlefield! The sounds are real bad!! I rather play Day of Defeat ---> www.dodmod.com

It really rocks!!! 8)


06.04.2003, 21:16
If you downloaded the image, don't expect any support!

07.04.2003, 07:25
Your .bin file is corrupted. Make a new, proper image with Alcohol 120%.

07.04.2003, 10:02
i had used cdrwin to create the bin. now used alcohol 120 and works fine. will try later again with cdrwin to see if i can find the "problem".