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"Exceeded" error when burning mdx audio

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  • "Exceeded" error when burning mdx audio

    I have a problem (almost identical to one in the post by "thapa"):

    I used Daemon tools light to create an mdx image of an audio CD. The image works ok in every respect (it mounts and iTunes can see it) except that when I try to burn it back to CD using Astroburn Lite, astroburn refuses, telling me that the image size had "Exceeded" the blank cd size.

    CD free space: 701mb
    "Planned": 718mb
    "Exceeded": 16mb

    This happens on many of my audio CDs.

    Is there a solution? Can Astroburn Lite be told to try the burn anyway?


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    It's a known issue. Will be fixed in the next version.
    You can use Astroburn Pro to burn such image for now.


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      Tx for the prompt reply.

      2 questions:

      1) Is there an ETA for the next Lite release?
      2) Is the problem because of the way AstroBurn handles the mdx files or is it with the way the mdx files were created by Daemon Tools? - i.e. should I continue making mdx images with my current version of Daemon Tools and be assured that those images will work with the next Lite release?

      Tx again