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Is there a burn # limit for the lite version?

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  • Is there a burn # limit for the lite version?

    I've installed the latest DT lite and AB lite via DT's burn button and auto downloader/installer.
    After burning maybe 20 DVDs on one, each taking around 5 mins, it is now suddenly taking about 45 mins for each one. I've not changed any settings, and its the exact same ISO, and burning onto DVDs from the exact same batch. I thought it was a bad DVD at first, but I've tried three now, and its the same for all of them.
    I've done multiple reboots between all these burns so its not that the machine has run out of vram or something.

    Anyway, I have a second identical laptop to the first, so tried installing and burning on that one too. This one is only taking about 5 mins per DVD, using the same ISO and DVD+Rs as the first laptop. Though, I've not done even nearly close to 20 burns on this laptop.

    I'm unable to explain this one. Is there some sort of inbuilt limit to how many burns you can do at "max speed" with the lite version?
    Is this some sort of twisted way to get me to purchase the full version?

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    Is there a burn # limit for the lite version

    Lol, If you would ask how many Id say 15. But since you never asked. I never told you, OK?


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      As far as I know, there has never been a burn limit in any version of Astroburn. NO BURN LIMIT.

      Closing 3.5 year old thread.
      the modern world:
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