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Quick question. Last resort!!!

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  • Quick question. Last resort!!!

    Anyone know a way to use a virtual drive to burn a video to?

    Got a situation that I've never had before:

    1. Video camera has a STUPID transfer app. Sony Handycam Digital 8. Retarded flash garbage...

    2. Tried burning a VCD through the app, put only video on, no audio. We tried digging through the software and couldn't find any options for audio.

    3. Tried using Alcohol's virtual drive as a "burner with CD" (ISO maker).

    So, I'm looking for the last option, or something that will work otherwise.

    The app will recognize a CD-R disc in a physical burner, but not Alcohol's virtuals, or Daemon's virtuals. :\

    - CK

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    Search Google for "Virtual CD-RW". Alcohol and DTools cannot do what you're looking for. I know the DTools team has discussed this as a possibility, but there's no timeframe (definitive or otherwise) on when such a feature might be implemented.