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Decrypter on games?

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  • Decrypter on games?

    I am just downloading Alcohol 120. Do I need to use a decrypter before I use it. A special one for games??
    I have 1-click vdv copy [that I love for movies] and I have to use one for it.

    Also, how can you tell if your game is on a CD or DVD to make the copy?
    Thank you, ekc

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    Games do not need to be decrypted, they need to be copied as exactly as possible for the copy protection to think the original disc is being used.

    Check the disc's label, usually there's either a CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM logo on it. Additionally, check the disc size in My Computer, if it's less than 700MB, it's a CD-ROM, if it's way more (up to 9GB) it's a DVD-ROM.
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