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    I have made a fine image of the disc and i can play from the image file. now what settings and what software do i use to burn the image on to a disc? By the way i used Alcohol 120% to use the dump the image and the data type was safedisc.

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    Use Alcohol 120% to burn it.
    profile:copyprotection (e.g. Safedisc)


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      You can try to burn it via Alcohol and RMPS enabled. Should work but i cant quarantee it.
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        Originally Posted by Mystique
        burn it ... RMPS enabled
        The RMPS setting will have no effect on SafeDisc CDs.

        You should test if your writer can write bad sectors and how many sheep it scores (old Elby ranking system).

        With newer Safedisc CDs your copies are only playable in certain drives (assuming your burned copy works at all) and there is currently no way to burn a disc and have the weak sectors emulated later (your drive must be able to burn them). Regarding Safedisc DVDs - there is no way to burn a working copy.
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