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  • daemon-tools against starforce

    I have a product "Большая Советская Энциклопедия" (the title is in Russian) protected by star-force. Their site: (it is not to advertise anything but to explain better what product I'm talking about). This product contains 3 CDs of data but has an installation option to copy all the data to hard disk. That's what I did but when running it obviously requires original disk - to favor star-force. That is not fatal problem, because I own all the disks, but inconvenience. I tried to avoid it by making a copy of the original disc with Alcohol 120% as was described in, and it didn't work - that is shows a message box which requests original disk.
    I have read some threads in this forum and see that Starforce is hard thing to overcome.
    So, here is my question: is there a way to achieve my goal: run encyclopedia without having to insert its disc every time?
    Thank you.

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    Which version of Starforce in on the CD ?
    To run a Starforce CD,you must deactivate all your real drives and then mount.