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SecuROM and other DRM question

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  • SecuROM and other DRM question

    Hi all,

    If anyone could ask evlncrn8 if he could weigh in, I'd appreciate it. He seems to have detailed knowledge of SecuROM's code structure and capabilities from his examination of the code. If anyone else here has examined the actual code themselves, feel free to weigh in as well.

    My question is, just exactly how dangerous in SecuROM (and SafeDisc too, for that matter, although that does come shipped with Windows XP(Hackers exploiting bug in DRM shipped with Windows - Computerworld) aside from that patched issue, I'm not too worried) to the health and stability of a system and its drives. I've heard numerous (unverified) stories from people claiming that it causes optical drives to crash, refuse to burn anything, or stop being recognized, and other system destabilizing issues.(Source - Players' Stories)

    Just how is it supposed to be doing these things? Now, not being able to burn savegames and other protected game files to a disc is unfortunate, but the claims made seem a little over the top. From what I understand of the code, it simply wraps the exe of the game, and places files in your system that react to emulators and stop the game from running if these types of devices are detected. (I'm not here to argue the morality of this action.) Now, false posatives such as SysInternal's Process Explorer do sometimes happen, but shutting down the program or doing a reboot resoves the issue, and other, similar, issues do exist ( - PC Game Piracy Examined), but is there any evidence that it messes up a system in the way described on

    Now I, personally, have never had any problems at all, and I've been using SecuROM since the days of the original Rainbow Six, and SecuROM 7 since the days of Unreal Tournament 2004, and these have always been some of my most stable, well running games. I just want to know from those who have seen the actual code, what it does, and how it operates, if the risk is there or if it is all just BS. (and with the easily accessable and non-verifiable nature of's story submission form, I'm inclined to believe the latter. Could be troll-posting for all we know. No offense meant.)

    Thank you.

    Peace out and God bless.

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    well, my question to you is..

    why is this so important?
    my views are 100% personal views..


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      Thank you for your consideration, evlncrn8.

      I've recently bought a new machine (a Windows 7 Dell) to replace my 2003 edition XP, and I don't want to be constantly worrying about whether or not my drives will suddenly stop being recognized or fail to burn cds. This is the computer I take to college, and if something happens it could cause a serious hassle.

      I keep a relatively clean system, and I have no problem with SecuROM being there provided it isn't harmful, aside from its sneaky method of entry, which I find dishonest but not a dealbreaker.

      So, is SecuROM capable of doing the things that RYG says it does?

      I'm not saying that a perfect storm of things, including SecuROM within it, couldn't happen in very extrordinary circumstances, but the same can be said of any new software one installs. What I'm asking is, is it a legitimate, likely risk?

      Thank you for your consideration once again.

      Peace out and God bless.