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Recommended drives for Securom 7 / 8

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    It's not often, but sometimes few titles can't be measured properly in drives that are usually capable while they're doing fine in other drives. I don't say this is the case for sure with Call of Juarez - but it could be.

    So please first test another title before looking for another cause.
    Some time ago i made a thorough DPM test with that drive series in the Customer forums without problems - whether it be old or new SecuROM titles:
    Immortal Cities - Children of the Nile, 684MB, v5.03.13
    DPM Dauer (4x): 23:26 Min, (48x): 6:04 Min.

    Yager, 4.04GB, v4.85

    DPM Dauer (16x): 8:11 Min.

    F.E.A.R., 4.19GB, v7.11.0009

    DPM Dauer (16x): 8:47 Min.

    Race07, 5.32GB, v7.33.0015

    DPM Dauer (12x): 12:46 Min.

    Supreme Commander, 5.43GB, v7.30.0014

    DPM Dauer (12x): 13:19 Min.

    Borderlands, 6.09GB, v7.40.0009

    DPM Dauer (12x): 14:15 Min.
    Please also provide information about your Motherboard (& Chipset/SATA drivers in use) and which SATA ports the drives are connected to.

    With the attached file you can create a log that may help to find the cause:

    1. Please, download attached file "" and save it to your hdd.
    2. Extract files from the archive.
    3. Find standart Windows Command Prompt and run it as Administrator.
    4. In Command Prompt window go to the folder where you saved files from "". To do so, execute CD command.
    For example:
    cd c:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTProLogging
    5. Start "startlog.bat" command file. Just type startlog.bat and press Enter in Command Prompt window. Do not close this console window.
    6. Reproduce the problem you have reported.
    7. Turn back to Command Prompt window and start "stoplog.bat" command-file (just type stoplog.bat and press Enter).
    8. Find automatically created "" file and send us the file.
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