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Warhammer 40k: dawn of war - winter assault

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  • Warhammer 40k: dawn of war - winter assault


    I need help in solving this solution. I already bought the new original warhammer 40k expansion pack - winter assault. In order not to always put into cd drive every time i need to play the game so I decided to create an image from this cd. The image was successfully created using new version alcohol 120%. Then I mount the image file and then "play the game" screen appear but the image is unable to running and message appear mention that 'no cd found or authenticated'.

    So I need some guru's help me in this situation regarding how-to create the exact and working image file. Please note that I not intended to this for the purpose of to pirate the game but for own use only.

    Thank you.
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    In order to make an image with Alcohol, you need to know what kind of copy protection system the game uses. You can use A-Ray Scanner for this (it's a freeware tool):

    Anyway, the game is listed in the database of this site:

    It says "SecuROM", so you'll need to select the "Securom *NEW* 4.x/5.x" datatype in Alcohol when making the image. When a dialog pops up, asking you at what speed you want to do DPM extraction, select 4x. Note that it takes a while for Alcohol to do the DPM thingy.

    If, after that, the game tells you that "an emulator has been detected so please disable emulation software", then you have a blacklisting problem. The program QuickMount can help here. It's available at the download section of this site.
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