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Heroes of the Pacific - SecuROM 7.0.x

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  • Heroes of the Pacific - SecuROM 7.0.x

    Hello all.

    I have just purchased Heroes of the Pacific (pc version obviously) and i'd like to play without the dvd in, so, i made an image file with Alcohol 120% (latest edition) and load it on a virtual driver (both on an Alcohol's drive and DT 4's one).

    Well, in few words, none worked. When the image is loaded on an Alcohol drive, the game detects the emulation program and demands you to shut down the emulation program and insert the authentic dvd. When the image is loaded on DT4's drive, the program does not say anything about emulation programs running, but asks you to "remove the disk from the current driver and insert the authentic disc of HOTP in driver D:" (D is the only DVD-RW i have on the computer)...

    Well, any help is welcome. I used both a full image file (1.03GB) and a mini one, but nothing...

    I've also heard that Alcohol is still working on SecuROM 7.0.x .


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    Sorry for the inconvinience caused, just to infrom that i've seen in another thread here that using SR7.Stop (SecureRom7.Stop) will hide the virtual drives and let the game play without cd, as it does now.