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do you NEED to hit enable with SFNightmare

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  • do you NEED to hit enable with SFNightmare

    sf nightmare does big things to your pc and now, with starforce, alot of people are using it. i would like to know if NEED to enable everything you disable in sfnightmare, or will your pc do everything upon reseting? the reason i ask is, it doesnt let you know what you disabled and alot of people are trying alot of different options cuz of starforce.

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    it does remember on reboot for me, i can't get x3 running again =/ did at one time


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      check my x3 thread, i got it working. i triple checked to make sure i could recreate everything so if you got it working once, you should be able to do it. i dont know if this could hurt anything but have you tried to hit enable for every option in case you hit disable by accident and it didnt default back?