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    I have an ISO Copy of Warcraft 3, as well as the discs, and I have mounted it onto a virtual drive, and attempted to launch it, and it is asking for a disc. I have changed the Directory of the program to the letter of the Virtual Drive, from the letter of the CD drive, yet it won't work, please help!

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    ISO won't work, you need image with sub-channel data - it's also possbile that newest patch requires image with DPM data -, so (re-)create an appropriate image file from your original.
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      actually, I created a perfect image of all warcraft 3 disks, and here is some aditional usefull info....

      The origional game/disk works perfectly from daemon tools, no aditional apps are required to launch the game, except TFT.

      To play TFT, the cd uses aditional copy protections, which make running it from an image difficult, but here is a work-around. to play TFT, load the origional W3 image, close out the auto-run screen, and then launch TFT exe manually.

      The expansion was designed to run reguardless of which disk you have in the drive.